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St, George's University School of Medicine

Spice Isle Grenada

Things to Do

Morne Rough Beach


Grand Anse Beach, St George

Morne Rough Beach, St George

Pink Gin Beach, St, George

Magazine Beach, St, George

La Sagesse Beach, St Davids

Fort Jeudy Beach, St George

Mount Pandy Beach, St George

Portici Beach, St George

Grooms Beach, St George

Calo Beach, St George

Grand Beach, St George

Lance Aux Epines Beach, St George

Bacolet Bay, St Andrew

Bathway Beach, St Patrick

Levera Beach, St Patrick

Ratton Beach, St Patrick

Duquense Bay, St Patrick

Darvi/David Beach, St Patrick

Walking to Waterfall

WaterFalls & Lakes

Mount Carmel WaterFalls, St Andrew

Seven Sisters WaterFalls, St Andrew

Annandale WaterFalls, St George

Concord WaterFall, St John

Grand Etang Lake, St Andrew

Lake Antoine, St Patrick

Levera Pond, St Patrick

Palmiste Lake, St John

Golden WaterFalls, Mt Horne

Castine WaterFalls, St Andrew

St Margaret Falls, St Andrew

The Shodoo WaterFall, St George

Dinner in Restaurant

Bars & Restaurants

BB's Crab Back, Carenage, St George

Umbrella's Beach Bar, Grand Anse

61 West, Beach Bar & Restaurant

Coconut Beach Bar & Restaurant

The Spout Bar & Restaurant

Grill Master, St George

Le Phare Bleu, St George

Punj-Abi Indian Restaurant, St George

Spice Affair, St George

Sails, St George

Nutmeg Restaurant, St George

Patrick Homestyle, St George

The Junction Bar and Grill, St George

Dexter's Restaurant, St George

Victory Bar and Restaurant, St George

Dodgy Dock Grenada, St George

Antonio's Restaurant and Pizzeria, St George

Schnitzel Haus, St George

Fish and Chick, St George

Little Mexico, St George

Kebab House, St George

Sandra's Roti, St George

Burger Spoke, St George


Things to Know









Co-operative Bank

Republic Bank


Grenada Development Bank

Ariza Credit Union


Real Value IGA Supermarket

Ram's Supermarket


Foodland Marker Square

Andall & Associates Inc.

Food Fair

SOG Foods

CK's Super Value Food Depot

Best Fresh Supermarket

Alexis Food Stores

Naturally Grown Inc.

Springs Food Mart

Best Fresh Supermarket

Spiceland Mall

Grand Anse Craft & Spice Market

Esplanade Mall

Excel Plaza

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